Apollo Fish:(Restaurant Style)

 Apollo Fish:(Restaurant Style)

Apollo Fish:(Restaurant Style)

One of my favorite topic of conversation at breakfast table is about lunch! I am not really a breakfast person. I was trained that way by various hostel mess masters(chefs)...to go hungry to school and college! So, the very idea of lunch puts an instant spark on my eyes. On weekends, I prepare an elaborate lunch and save it for dinner as well.

Endless cooking of same old fried fish? Lets put an end to it. Lets move on to the next pedestal of enlightenment in our journey of exploiting other ways of frying fish! Here is my take on 'Apollo Fish' the dish that got my attention! I have tasted them several times at different restaurants at Hyderabad...one of the best comes from Minerva.


King Fish / I used Tilapia here 4-6 large
Chili powder 1 spoon
Garam masala 1 pinch
Food color (optional)
MSG 1/4 spoon
Lemon juice from 1 fruit
Corn flour 1 table spoon
Egg whites 1-2
Soy sauce few spoons
Oil for deep frying.

To Garnish:

Curry leaves
Garlic 10 - chopped
Green chilies 3-7


Marinate the fish using all the above mentioned ingredients, except oil.

Heat up the oil in a deep fryer. Once it is smoky hot...fry the fish. Never load the oil...always fry few at a time.

Once it turns to reddish brown and crisp, remove from heat.

Fry the garnishing ingredients separately and top them over fried fish. There you go, perfect appetizers ready.